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(1) an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult or disagreeable.

(2) the process of receding from a position or state attained.

(3) a period of group withdrawal for meditation, study, or instruction under a teacher.

Yoga Retreat
Yoga Retreat

All too often, we begin each day moving through life on someone else's terms. Our attention is pulled in opposing directions by all the competing priorities we have allowed into our lives. Our minds flood with thoughts about what has happened before, and worrying about what is to come. And then as days turn into weeks, which turn into months, and into years, we forget who we are at our core. We forget what it means to be alive, and what it feels like to be nurtured. 

While there are daily practices we can do to help break this patterning, often times we need a more intentional intervention to remind us that life really only exists here in the present moment, and that with each breath, we have the opportunity to arrive. 

Yoga Retreat
Romantic Walk in Sunset

Retreat with us.


Come rediscover your connection to the land, to yourself, and to a community of people just like you, making their way through this wild and chaotic life.


Retreat with us, for a brighter journey, onward. 

2024 Retreat Schedule

YOU are welcome to retreat with us regardless as to whether you have never practiced yoga before, are a seasoned yogi, or are anywhere in between. Spots are very limited so that we can keep the experience personal and have more room for personal transformation and growth. For more information about our upcoming retreats click the links below.

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